about us

Fast Asia Screws.co., LTD was founded in 1993,and has specialized in manufacturing particular screw、multi-stage cold forging and we offer professional OEM、CDM manufacturing and production.
Besides the above Sincerity、Cooperation、Innovation、Challenge for our clients In order to make your products more excellence,We always hold Efficacy and Efficiency of attitude!
We have experienced working team, And have all kinds of screw forming machines on production equipment
Our company specialize in manufacturing particular screw、multi-stage cold forging And the business contain the aerospace, ships, cars and motorcycles, All kinds of machine tools, components, specifications screws
No matter the production、design and professional work. Our company can do the longitudinal support or crosswise support, to complement our resources as well as to higher the investing Efficiency.
The International, is the key of Fast Asia Screw to beyond the peak, By continue creating value、challenge and innovation to operate our enterprise.
Fast Asia Screws.co., LTD establish of global marketing, and committed to research and development work, and then towards the internationalization of the business, in order to create higher value and competitiveness.
Our strategy is by means of experience and passion, bring our expertise and intentions to customers, All we do are not just Satisfaction principle.
We are not only have the professional precision manufacturing equipment, quality testing equipment, as well as careful quality management processes of the various stages, but also have professional and high quality partners. From processing、 surface treatment to logistical transportation.
Just for making your product has the most stable, best value and competitiveness.